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The Photo Submission Forum is open to all residents of Canada aged 18 or over.


a) To submit a photo, go to (the "Photo Submission Forum Website"), register and upload a photo showing your experience of getting stuck in the muck in 2016. There is no limit to the number of photos you can submit. .

b) Digital photo entries must be submitted in one of the following file formats: .jpg, or.png and be no more than 5 MB in size.

c) Each entrant represents and warrants that each individual included in the photos (and his/her parent or legal guardian if a minor in his/her province/territory of residence is included in the photo) has, as of the date of the submission, given their consent to be in the photo entered and agreed that the Forum Sponsors and their agents can use, exploit and distribute in any media whatsoever, including without limitation the Internet and on television, now known or hereafter created, worldwide in perpetuity, each individual’s name, likeness, image, voice and comments without any further consent or compensation. Failure to obtain this consent could result in the photo being disqualified.

d) Each entrant must also:
(i) have the permission of the registered owner of the equipment shown in the photo to submit that photo
(ii) have permission from the owner of the property where the photo was taken to be on that property taking photos.
Failure to obtain these permissions could result in the photo being removed.

e) By submitting a photo to this forum each entrant:
(i) guarantees that his/her submission does not infringe on any third party’s copyright materials, trade-mark or other intellectual or real property rights
(ii) agrees to release, discharge and hold harmless the Forum Sponsors from any claim or liability arising from or related to submission of the entry and photo submission in this Forum
(iii) consents to the publication and/or use, in any medium of the entrant’s entry, name, city of residence, photograph and/or image for publicity purposes carried out by the Forum Sponsors or their advertising and promotional agencies without payment or compensation of any kind.


a) All photos shall become the property of the Forum Sponsors. Each entrant irrevocably assigns and transfers to the Forum Sponsors any and all rights, title and interest in the photos including, and without limitation, all copyright. Forum Sponsors shall have the right to edit or modify photos for use in perpetuity, and the entrant waives any and all moral rights he/she may have in the photo submitted. Entrants agree to complete and sign all documents necessary to confirm the rights granted under these Official Rules.

b) All content submitted to this forum may be posted to public viewing. By submitting, each entrant acknowledges and agrees that submitting a photograph online brings your submission within the public view and the Forum Sponsors will not be held liable for any copying, re-posting or unlawful use of the submitted photograph that may result.


a) Personal information collected from entrants will be used by the Forum Sponsors for the purpose of administering this Forum. Forum Sponsors will not sell, share or otherwise disclose personal information of entrants with third parties.

By entering, I declare that I have read, understood and complied with the competition rules and decisions of the independent competition organization, which are final.

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