Henry Knox

NW Elrose
Date Stuck: June 24, 2012

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High Clearance Sprayer Stuck To The Top

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The Situation:

Local farmer near Elrose was finishing up spraying a field NW of Elrose but ended up getting stuck on the flat on top of a hill near a slough. This occurred on June 24, 2012 right when Elrose was getting belted with yet another shot of rain.

How We Got Unstuck:

Used a trackhoe and winch truck to dig out the high clearance sprayer. Dug down to the hardpan but ended up almost getting stuck twice with the trackhoe. Finally winched out the sprayer after digging a trench to it. Total process to dig it out took 3 hours!

#1 Lesson Learned:

Don't spray when it's muddy and raining!

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