Alex Pappenfoot

Carmel, Saskatchewan
Date Stuck: June 20, 2012

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Miller Sprayer Spun Down In The Carmel Hills

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The Situation:

Spraying land that was too wet to seed and has not been farmed in 7 years. Sunk the swather and front wheel assist Case in the same field earlier this spring trying to get it in shape to seed. We got two inches of rain in the last week and we wanted to get it sprayed before we got into Canola so we could work it before we started haying.

How We Got Unstuck:

New Holland T9040 with 800 Metric's and a neighbour's Ford/New Holland 4 wheel drive after we had a failed attempt of digging it out with a very light yard tractor. We were afraid our case MXM series would sink before it got to the sprayer to dig it out.

#1 Lesson Learned:

When your gut tells you to stop pulling and get another tractor, do it.

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