Jason Lane

Date Stuck: June 14, 2012

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now what!

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The Situation:

we were called out to pull out a sask power bucket truck. after we pulled it out with 2 track hoes we went back in to level out the ruts and one hoe found a real soft spot!

How We Got Unstuck:

after trying to stuff 4 flax bales underneath the hoe for a base to sit on it was still sunk and getting worse by the minute! we hooked up the other track hoe and a D6 winch cat we got it moving only to sink it down about 10 feet away! when we started to winch again and then the cat dropped to the top of the tracks. so we got on the front of the cat with the other hoe and started to pull out the cat. once we got it out we again hooked back up to the stuck hoe. finally our day came to an end!!

#1 Lesson Learned:

#1 just because the stubble feild looks solid and dry doesnt mean it is!
#2 a winch cat is worth its weight in gold!
#3 nothing beats a good tow cable/strap

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