Travis Priest

crowsnest pass AB.
Date Stuck: August 27, 2011

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the ford got stuck

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The Situation:

decided to take the ford out for a wheel and so we went into the bush and we were in this gully on the pipeline and i tried climbing up the other side of it and got like 4 feet from the top and spun out and come sliding back down. i tried turning us and facing us downhill but we cought the truck ruts and tipped up on our side so when it was coming back down i had it in gear and to the floor and we sunk in a sinkhole that couldnt even be seen just looked a little soft.

How We Got Unstuck:

my sisters boyfriend was with us on his dirtbike and he went and got his lifted chevy from down at the bottom and come up and hooked up to my bumper and gave me about 5 or 6 jerks facing downhill and it finally come out but the tow rope was so tight around my bumper it cut it and just about crimped it off and my frontg tire got pulled back about 4 inches.

#1 Lesson Learned:

dont try and be a (show off) and do stuff if u think its gunna turn out bad or something bad is going to happen. And make sure u got it to the floor from the bottom so u make it and dont slide down!!

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