Dan Vanbeselaere

Waskada MB
Date Stuck: June 12, 2011

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Fun In The Muck

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The Situation:

This tractor suddenly hit a frost boil on the fourth round around a slough working uphill. The ground looked dry on top,but walking beside the tractor the ground would squirm under your feet. We snapped a good size tow rope on the 2nd or 3rd pull with another large 4 wheeler. At that point we knew we needed a digging machine. We also knew it had to be pulled backwards using the tractors hitch because the tractors front tires were more than half way down. Took 2 hours just to dig out the air seeder hitch with a spade to unhook because the safety chain was caught underneath. At this point and 5 hours later it was 11 p.m. Sat. night.

How We Got Unstuck:

Sunday morning starting at 9 a.m. the trackhoe started digging. He tried a quick try with the hoe but broke another tow strap. Decided to dig a long 100' trench digging down 12 feet deep behind tractor so tractor would be falling down as it moved backwards and gradually get pulled up the trench. The hoe dug out one side of the tractor to take some mud out from behind the front wheels but actually got stuck trying to dig out the second side and had to be pulled out with another 4 wheeler. After the 100' ramp was finished and towards 4 p.m using the last good tow strap and 2 $300 clevises the hoe after 2 or 3 pulls finally inched the tractor backwards dropping it into the trench and gradually the tractor with hoe pulling for all its worth climbed up the trench. Time spent at least 11 hours. Forecast for next day was another inch of rain which would have made a swimming pool out of our 12 foot hole if that last pull hadn't worked or the last tow strap had broken.

#1 Lesson Learned:

No lessons learned, could not have been avoided. Mother nature just played a trick on us as she has done all spring.

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